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Investigation of Natanz black granite

Investigation of Natanz black granite

Investigation of Natanz black granite
Natanz black granite, this type of granite is one of the most widely used granite stones in Iran. And it is widely used in the construction industry. It has sorting and each sort has its own specifications. Its most prominent feature is its dark and black color, which has led designers to offer this product as one of the proposed options for parts of the building that have a dark background.
Natanz black granite stone has a black theme that is extracted from several mines, and the stone of each of these mines has a special feature. But the background theme of all of them is black, with the difference that the stone of some mines is darker in color with shawls and white lines, and some of the stone mines have a pencil and uniform tip. Natanz black granite is characterized by low water absorption, high abrasion resistance, resistance to cold, heat, sunlight and its solid color.
In the process of producing black granite, epoxy materials are often used to make the color of the stone a little more uniform and darker. Black granite has many fans in the world and that is why its export is very prosperous.
Application of Natanz black granite
This stone is very resistant to cold, heat, impact and pressure and is one of the most suitable options for its use in paving and interior and exterior of the building. Natanz black granite is processed in the form of sand, film and cubic.

Paving the interior of the building
Paving the exterior of the building
Paving the yard and sidewalks
Exterior and main view
Parking walls and floors
Staircase body and staircase

Natanz black granite mine
This type of stone is considered as strong stones and due to the fact that it is located in the mines of Isfahan province, most of its products are made in Isfahan province and especially in Mahmoud Abad industrial zone.

Price of Natanz black granite
The price of Natanz black granite depends on the following factors:

The type of mine affects the price of stone in terms of quality and color.
Pure stone without tuber and dark black has a higher price.
The thickness of the stone has a direct effect on its price.
The larger the stone, the higher the price.

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