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Granite and its application in stairs

Granite and its application in stairs

Granite and its use in stairs
The staircase of a building is a place that both the occupants of the building and the guests deal with when moving. So it is better for architects to use the best, most colorful and most beautiful staircase stone when building a residential or commercial house. The most common color for building staircase design is cream and granite. Acid rain and & hellip; They have high strength and are considered the most suitable stones for stairs.

Features of building stone suitable for stairs
Suitable building stone for stairs should be completely healthy and free of cracks, grooves, stains and fractures, because if there is a crack, water may penetrate into it and freeze at low temperatures and the stone will crumble. The surface of the stone should be smooth and polished and should not have protrusions or depressions.

Travertine, granite, marble, porcelain building stone & nbsp; And limestone are among the types of building stones that have the necessary strength to build stairs and can be used with ease. Heat, cold and climate change can not damage this rock and it will not be eroded by high traffic. The most important capability that a stone should have is a very high resistance to water and stain absorption.

You may have noticed from time to time that some stains remain on the building stone and cannot be removed. Stairs that are constantly exposed to traffic must be selected from quality stone because otherwise it must be replaced or repaired because in the shortest possible time adverse effects due to traffic appear on it. br />
Granite is the best option for stairs
Building stones have special uses based on their application. It is better to use stones based on their use so as not to get into trouble. Each stone has a special durability in different climatic conditions. The strength of the stones is very different and the best type of stone is a stone that is resistant to water, pollution and impact and does not suffer from stone wear. Types of stair stones include granite, diorite, marble and marble.

The highest quality stone for staircase design & nbsp; It is granite. Granite has the highest degree of rock strength. Of course, if you are looking for a cheap view, choose & nbsp; Granite is not a good option. If you do not have financial problems to build, we recommend you to use & nbsp; It is granite.

Specifications of granite
Granite has a very high strength.
Granite stones have excellent polishing and brilliance.
Granite is durable due to the lack of lime and is suitable for staircase design. Any stone that has lime has a low resistance.
Granite has a high resistance to acidic and alkaline materials. Stones must be washed with clean materials to be clean. Some rocks are not tolerant of these chemicals and suffer from stone wear. But & nbsp; Granite strongly resists these changes.
Granite is also very resistant to water penetration and there is no problem with it against water, it does not have the problem of stone wear and therefore it is suitable for staircase design.

The last point about granite
Industrial environments must use granite for their staircase because it is very resistant to chemicals.
Granite comes in a variety of colors, including white, pink, light gray, dark brown, dark green, and black minerals.
In addition to staircase design, you can use granite in your kitchen, flooring, paving and wall coverings.
Granite stones are usually one of the hardest building stones and do not have the problem of stone wear.
Granite is used in the design of stairs, building facades, sidewalks, sidewalks and floors.
The cost of buying granite is very high due to extraction, cutting and polishing.
& nbsp; Granite has three materials & zwnj; Important minerals include quartz, alkaline feldspar, and feldspar plagioclase.

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