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Granite and how to care for it

Granite and how to care for it

Granite and how to take care of it & nbsp;
Granite stone needs care for longer life. In maintaining and caring for Iranian granite sink or foreign granite sink, you should always keep in mind that water should not stay on the granite stone for a long time. Due to the hardness of the water, the stains that remain will become very difficult to clean over time. Clean granite sinks and granite stone in general daily and once a year according to the description below.

Daily maintenance of granite stone
Recommended daily and after using granite sinks or granite counters & hellip; Be sure to use regular cleansers & nbsp; ph & nbsp; Wash neutral and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth so that no stains remain on the surface of the stone.
When cleaning granite stones, do not use scotch tape and rough dishwasher wires at all as it will damage the surface of the stone. Try to use cleansers that first ph & nbsp; It should be neutral and not too greasy, because the high grease of dishwashing liquids causes a layer to remain on the stone forever and makes the granite look cloudy.

Preventive measures to protect granite stone
Simple precautions can protect & nbsp; Granite sinks and kitchen counters play a significant role. Given the price of granite sinks and the high cost of repairing and replacing granite stone, we must learn how to maintain granite stone.

Drying the surface of granite stone
When cooking on a granite counter, be sure to use cutting boards. And do not place a very hot dish directly on the stone, be sure to use a silicone pot. Do not place appliances on a separate granite sink for a long time. If spills are spilled on the granite surface, be sure to dry them with a soft cloth. Clean under the plates that are fixed on the kitchen counter for a long time. If you follow the above, granite stone will have a shiny shape for a long time & nbsp; It will be and will retain its original beauty and you will not need to repair or replace it.

Annual maintenance of granite stone
Granite stones usually need to be sealed once a year. This is especially the case with granite stones that are used for the floor. When cleaning If you see a gap between the granite tiles or there are places that are broken Repaired or in need of repair. Replace broken or damaged parts of granite with healthy granite if necessary.
It is best to seal the joints between the granites with quality materials once a year. This will prevent water intrusion and contamination. Use a high-quality granite sealant, such as granite or sealant granite sealer, and seal the seams to keep your tiles clean in good condition. Pour some hot water on the granite surface, leave it for 10 to 20 minutes and then wipe it off. If the stone darkens, it still absorbs moisture. If not, it is sealed. The reason for using hot water is because it has fewer molecules.

Granite stone sealing
Proper maintenance and care of granite products and daily and annual cleaning and use of a good granite sealer can last up to 10 years. In fact, in addition to oxidation in the sun and air, the use of improper cleaners can be the main reason for the deterioration of granite.

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